Is your workforce ready for Mission...TEAM BUILD?

A Team Event that is relevant to the skills demanded of any workforce, fun to participate in and provides companies with exceptional value for money.

The Team Event Challenge is designed to bring your workforce together in a fun and healthy setting and deliver learning outcomes relevant to any workplace. The individual team members must work together to overcome a series of tasks and challenges in order to be victorious.

Teams are given feedback after the event to help them identify their strengths andweaknesses and to identify how their learning can be implemented back in the workplace. With events located through East Anglia this low cost event is ideal as both a team bonding and team building exercise for businesses of all sizes and across all sectors.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Strategic thinking skills.
  • Time management skills.
  • Team organisation skills.
  • Commnication skills.
  • Strategic planning skills.
  • Creativity.

Event description

The Cold Case Conundrum or Spy Mission Enigma is the ideal way to bring your workforce together in a fun and healthy environment. A happy team is a productive team and these engaging and enjoyable (with a small element of competiveness) events will put a smile on the faces of all those who participate.

Based on the traditional pastime of treasure trailing, but with no GPS, sat nav, compass or local knowledge required, teams will need to work together if they are to succeed. No prior experience is necessary and the event is written so that everyone is on a level playing field to start with.

Participants take the role of students at the local School for Detectives where they are undergoing the final stages of training. As part of their final assessment they have been challenged to solve a cold case. This is not something that can be done by sitting behind a desk – the participants must get out onto the streets and solve the clues, whilst undertaking a few challenges along the way. If participants plan correctly, the walking element should be no more than 2½ miles.

...or are more aligned to the TASKMASTER CHALLENGE?

A fun and relaxed way to engender team bonding, lateral thinking, mental strength and sense of humour.

Drawing inspiration from a number of TV challenge programmes as well as popular board games each of the tasks will vary in length and difficulty; some will have a physical edge whilst others will test each group’s mental strength; there’ll be tasks that test peoples skill levels too. Some of the tasks will be performed within the main room of the venue and for other tasks we will ask the teams to go outside (weather permitting of course).

This event is bespoke to the audience - if you wish to focus the team building on a [particular area then we can create the event for you.

For further information on either of these events please call us on 01362 656376 or fill in the contact form here.


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