"Empowering your teams to both identify and fix their current and future challenges"


No matter what sector or service you’re from, some of the challenges and issues we face in our working lives are fairly similar. Supermarket Sweep is a totally unique learning solution which removes your people out of their normal comfort zones and places them into the world of supermarket management!

By tackling every day issues and problems common to those of a supermarket management team, your teams will be unwittingly tackling and solving the same core challenges that have been baffling them for years.

Learning Outcomes

  • Negotiation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving skills

Outline Plan

Supermarket Sweep takes place over a half day. The following timetable offers an outline plan of the timings and activities during the session but this remains entirely flexible to meet your needs:

  • 09:30  Welcome, introduction and objectives
  • 09:45  Introducing the supermarket team
  • 10:00  Understanding the problems
  • 10:45  Break
  • 11:00  Negotiating and problem solving
  • 11:30  Building rapport and effective relationships
  • 12:00  Feedback and outcomes
  • 12:30  End

We recommend a group size of 20 for this session, but as always we remain flexible to meet your needs.


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