"Helping your people to unlock the true value of delivering outstanding customer service"


Top class customer service is essential for survival and success in the service sector which includes the public sector. Looking after our customers and taking the opportunity to learn from them is crucial to us delivering services which are both effective and efficient.

The delivery of extraordinary service is in the hands of us all. Whether you’re speaking to a customer over the phone, meeting one face to face or writing to them, the impression you give can make all of the difference. We know that the vast majority of us take great pride in the jobs that we do and in doing so we all become ambassadors for the council in our dealings with the public and with representatives from other authorities. But what impression do you think you give?

Secret Service is a unique customer service training session that gets to the core of your customer service challenges, quicker than you’d expect. By getting your teams to act as mystery shoppers looking at the surrounding competition, we help them to gain an understanding of what outstanding customer service is and isn’t. But before allowing the participants to get too comfortable, our session takes an interesting twist...

Learning Outcomes

  • Customer service skills
  • Self awareness skills
  • Team building

Outline Plan

Secret Service takes place over a full day. The following timetable offers an outline plan of the timings and activities during the session but this remains entirely flexible to meet your needs:

  • 09:30  Welcome, introduction and objectives
  • 09:45  Mystery shopping those around you
  • 12:30  Lunch
  • 13:30  Mystery shopping results
  • 14:15  Service at your organisation
  • 15:00  Break
  • 15:15  Building a customer service culture
  • 16:30  End

We recommend a group size of 28 for this session, but as always we remain flexible to meet your needs.


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