BTS offer a wide range of business management courses, each one tailored and written with the audience in mind. Our more popular courses include:

Management and Leadership Masterclass (Entry Level and Advanced)

  • The “Setting the Standard” programme offers four modules:

  • Pre Programme Event
  • People Management (Style)
  • People Management (Practice)
  • Managing the Work

  • 6 full days, at a location of your choice, spread across a 3 month period.

Train The Trainer

  • Full day workshop.
  • Essential for those who design and deliver training or would like to increase their professionalism in what is often considered a challenging aspect of work.
  • Receive guidance on the structure of a training session, tips and techniques and through practical application develop skills needed to deliver your next training session.

Introduction to Change and Change Management

  • The only constant in life is change!
  • Dispel the myths and gain a broad understanding of the change process, the need for change management and how to manage resistance to change
  • Look at some of the contemporary issues surrounding change management and then briefly discuss some techniques for stimulating innovation.

Health and Safety for Managers

  • Understand, and positively promote,Health and Safety.
  • Discover the correct way to undertake a Risk Assessment.
  • Be able to correctly apply Risk Mitigation measures.

Introduction to Media Skills Training

  • Focussed primarily on the traditional TV, radio and printed formats.
  • Explore not only how to approach a media interview but also discuss the importance of relationship building with journalists.
  • Gain tips and techniques, many learnt from experience, to overcome the pitfalls associated with media interaction (particularly live media).

Managing Social Media for Business Communications (Entry Level)

  • Half day workshop.
  • If you are completely new to Social Media and don’t know the difference between a tweet or a post, a pin, poke, circle or connection request, then this is for you.
  • You may even be a part time user who needs to know about how Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google can be used.
  • This workshop will give you a great introduction to social media, with an overview of each of the main platforms & some great tips and tricks; we’ll walk you through registering with each one step-bystep and give you the confidence to get started.

Managing Social Media for Business Communications (Advanced Level)

  • Half day workshop.
  • This hands on and highly interactive session will show you how to achieve social media success by building your network, optimising your posts, start getting noticed and monitor trends.


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