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Breckland Training Services (BTS) was launched in 2013 to deliver an external training service to the public sector.

Our ethos is simple; we are more than just a training service - we work WITH our clients to build a culture of learning, tailored to the needs of both the organisations and of the people we support. We seek to understand your culture, your values and your vision. This makes your learning and development much more bespoke, aligns to your organisation and provides the right impact to learners.

With a perfect blend of practical training and theoretical models, our training is real-world, immersive and memorable. We design our content in a way that is creative, easy to understand and encourages open, honest discussions.

The service provided by Breckland Training Services is underpinned by our own set of core values. And with a clear Vision - to be the training provider of choice within the public sector; a strong Mission - to inspire a culture of learning through creative and innovative training content, and an unparalleled passion for learning - we are excited to hear about your development plans and working with you to deliver them.

Leadership & Management

From a 6 month programme to bite size courses, our Leadership and Management training is designed to enhance the practical knowledge of those at the helm, supporting a high performance culture and setting the standards of people managers.

Business Planning & Strategy

Strategic Planning is an essential business management skill. Our range of courses will support you in turning your organisation’s vision into a relatable plan, engaging others to embrace change and deliver results

Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness is using our skills, knowledge and experience to enable us to reach our goals. To improve or change our level of personal effectiveness, it is important to reflect on our required skills and knowledge, and seek out opportunities to develop.

Customer Excellence

Customer Excellence starts with you. Our courses have been designed to remind learners who the customer is, and how to respond in the right way. We focus on self-awareness, and the importance of preparation and planning to ensure queries are resolved quickly and efficiently.


We're committed to quality. Our aim is to deliver first class training that sticks. In addition to working with you on effective, bespoke training solutions, we have a range of popular programmes and courses available at competitive prices: 

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